Finally Drawing Again!

Posted by Amanda Brinkley on

I’ve always had a little creative bug even when I was a young girl. I remember sitting beside my cousin learning all his tips and tricks, looking at his comic books and recreating the photos with just a few strokes of a pencil. Through the years I have always had my hands in some type of crafts and art whether it’s painting nails in the salon, creating a beautiful face with makeup, home decor or crafting with my two little boys! It’s always such a therapeutic outlet for me. I never knew that something as crazy as a new wellness supplement would bring out this creativity again. Here’s what happened......

Through the chaos of this pandemic I found myself drowning in grey areas of depression and anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, I love the extra time with my boys but any Mom knows that the walls can close in sometimes. It was during this time that a friend starting posting on FB about some new supplements. It piqued my curiosity because we knew each other from a previous company and I trusted her completely! I had to know more so I ordered and even signed up as an ambassador. If these products did half of what they claimed I knew I had to be a part of it! 
Little did I know that these products would start healing my brain and gut and I would get back to my old self. I have felt more alive and motivated these past couple of months than I’ve been in years. Not only did I have more patience with my kiddos, more motivation for my chores and projects, I also had the urge to hop back into my artwork! I pulled out my stylus and went to work. This sparked a new friendship with my team members and the ball started rolling. These ladies have believed in me more than I ever could've asked for and it’s been such a blessing. Without them I wouldn’t even have this website up and running. I’m so very thankful and can’t wait to keep sharing and creating for all of you! This journey is gonna be so FUN!!!! 

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